Jonathan and Shelly

Jonathan and Shelly

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our approval is under way. I can hardly contain my excitement to finally be officially waiting on our little one. The agency has assured me that we will be approved this week and our bio will be up on the website. We can not wait to finally be active. I think now that we do not have any paperwork to fill out I have been feeling a little antsy. I have started buying a few outfits at local resale shops. It occurred to me that if we get a call we will not have anything for him/her to wear. It makes sense to me that we at least have a couple gender neutral clothes on hand. I am going to try to find a diaper bag, and a few receiving blankets as well in the next few days. I just have to be sure not to get ahead of myself. It could still be a long road.

While I was looking for adoption grants I came across a website called It’s a company that sales Christian adoption shirts with a commission going to the couple of the buyers choosing. She will set us up a store with our pre-picked shirts. This company has many great shirts to choose from but we had to only choose 6 for our store. The shirts that are in our store will be the shirts we get a commission on. She will give us a link to our store so we can send it out over blogs and Facebook or Twitter. If any of our friends and family to choose to purchase a shirt from our store a commission will come to us for use on the adoption. I hope you all can purchase a shirt in the next few weeks. They range from $22-$25. This store should be up by THIS FRIDAY March 23, 2012. I will let everyone know as soon as I get the links so they can go check it out.

Hope to have some really good news over all by Friday. Have a great week!

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